Great news for our community!

2 min readDec 20, 2021

In the near future, the fifth NFT collection will be launched.

This collection is tied to the MetaCosmo metaverse and the ownership of the NFT confirms the ownership of land in the metaverse. These plots can be sold and built up with residential and commercial real estate. You can buy template buildings or order unique buildings in the Cosmo market. Your property can be rented and sold for Cosmo tokens, CCLP and CVR. Shopping in the market with Cosmo and CCLP tokens will offer up to 50% discount, which will allow all tokens in the ecosystem to strengthen their value. Also, tokens of all collections will be used for pumping an avatar and will also receive additional value in addition to changing the name.

NFTs from the first four collections will provide various benefits in the metaverse as well as increase their value in both the primary and secondary markets.

Initially, we planned to launch the fifth collection linked to real estate in the real world, but due to the fact that the virtual real estate market is growing much faster than the classical real estate market, it was decided to link this collection to virtual real estate.

In future articles, we will talk in more detail about the fifth NTF collection and the MetaCosmo metaverse.