How to make money on the NFT trend?

3 min readMar 10, 2021

When we hear that the price of a digital cat can reach $1,0 million, and the price of a digital pixel head of a punk is even higher, the questions arise in our heads “What the hell is going on? Has the world gone mad?” Why do people buy such paintings, what is their value, and how can they make money here?”

In fact, by digging deeper into the issue, it’s clear that it is just the beginning of NFT in the world of digital assets and that their value will only grow. According to experts, the NFT market is at the same stage as bitcoin was 12 years ago. At the moment, the market capacity has barely broken through $1,0 billion. There are a very limited number of pioneering enthusiasts on the market right now who are at the very beginning of the trend, which will give them an advantage over everyone else. Years will pass, and people will lament a fact that they failed to consider the opportunity at the very beginning of the market.

However, let’s examine a specific example of making money on the new CosmoMasks’ NFT project, which some mistakenly compare with Hashmasks, which sold out all its 16,384 paintings in the first month after the start of sales. Yes, these two projects have something in common, for example, tokens for changing the name of the picture after its purchase, but there are still more beneficial advantages. After all, behind CosmoMasks is a global idea of space exploration, which can unite a huge number of people, enthusiasts and pioneers, thanks to whom the value of one picture can break through all imaginable boundaries and reach billions of dollars if the very last picture worth ETH 1,0 million is sold.

Each time a painting is purchased, the buyer is given 3,660 CMP tokens (CosmoMask Power), and each painting gives the owner 3,660 CMP per year. Thus, at the end of the first month, we will have about 60 million CMPs created.

Each picture name change requires the burning of 1,830 CMP (six months of issuance), which reduces the offer and increases the demand for the token and, consequently, its price.

If we consider about 53 name changes per hour in a similar Hashmasks project that have occurred since the start of the sale, then the entire circulation of tokens for changing the name will be burned in the first month. Even if the name change rate remains around 20 changes per hour, 26 million tokens will be permanently burned within the first month.

For example, if you invest $30,000 in CosmoMasks in the first 14 days after the start (at the current ETH price of about $1,500 and the cost of 1 mask of 1 ETH you’ll get 20 paintings) and get 73,200 CMP for the purchase, then at the price of CMP, which will be traded on average for about 1 USD, you can immediately return the investment of $73,200 before you even have time to see what masks you bought. That’s not counting the price of these masks themselves, which, according to Hashmasks’ analytics, will increase tenfold from the starting price.

The first ones always earn more than the main body of the people therefore, by investing competently with the correct calculations and market expectations, investors now create the first huge capital on the NFT trend, which in a few years will be able to give the world new NFT billionaires.

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