Wild West in NFT. How will the market change with the emergence of projects like CosmoMasks?

In 2017, CryptoKitties, a game with crypto cats, made a hit. At that time, in a few days, tens of millions of dollars passed through it, and digital cats were sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, in a few months, the hype around the game melted away, and almost nothing has been heard about CryptoKitties since then. The main problem of the market and the risks for investors consisted of sharp asset value drop after the hype, and investors could earn only at the start, therefore investing in this market was seen only as a casino game.

Dozens of copycat games appeared immediately. The Chinese search giant Baidu launched Leci Gou, a blockchain game, where users could breed and sell crypto puppies. Xiaomi released its own analogue game CryptoKitties — Jiami Tu, which users can buy and sell virtual rabbit MiTu, etc. However, none of them could keep users for a long time. For example, CryptoCountries now has only a few transactions per week, and some games have even been closed. Investors, not fully understanding the new market, lost their investments.

Even if there is no more hype on CryptoKitties and similar blockchain games, they have contributed to the development of a new market for collectible tokens. This market is now entering a qualitatively new level. The fastest investors have already realized that by buying NFT pieces of art at the time of market formation, they can quickly multiply their capital.

Previously, investors and collectors used to buy paintings from auctions to preserve and increase capital, and they owned them physically, which created a huge amount of maintenance costs. Now more and more collectors, who are among the first to enter the NFT market, have realized that it is possible to buy digital paintings as well, with their value growing much faster, and with no additional costs to maintain them.


The CosmoMasks project created by more than 50 artists from all over the world inspired by the idea of conquering outer space seems to bring the market of collectible NFT paintings to a qualitatively new level. The project is managed by CosmoFund, which invests in innovative technologies that can change the way we perceive the near future of space tourism. The CosmoMasks collection is the first of all future NFT collections of CosmoFund and therefore will be the most valuable over time.

One of the important factors is the availability of its own Cosmo Token (COSMO) for the entire ecosystem, which is issued only at the time of the release of a new collection (in the amount of 1 million COSMO for each picture), and will be placed on exchanges and in the Uniswap liquidity pool for USDT and ETH pairs. Since the Cosmo Token will be a payment instrument in all ecosystem projects, the project products value will also grow with the growth of the token, and vice versa.

In 16,400 CosmoMasks NFT paintings, one can find elements of unknown space technologies of more advanced civilizations and be inspired by the idea of conquering space and new planets. The last 10 paintings in the collection are the most valuable, they will not be mixed with the remaining 16,400 paintings. They will appear only after the sale of all 16,400 paintings. The characters in these paintings are no longer hidden from us behind a mask. Nine of these 10 characters are inhabitants of other galaxies who are connected by a golden thread, a symbol that runs through each character like a path, energy, and something that unites everyone in the universe. The final picture, worth ETH 1,0 million, is a “soul” that may appear in any entity and any galaxy of our infinite universe.


There has always been a pioneering spirit in the very essence of humans, and CosmoMasks’ NFT paintings were created to engage the best of humanity in the evolution from physical art objects to digital NFTs and, at the same time, contribute to the conquest of other galaxies, and multiply its capital on a new trend. CosmoMasks is a new-generation digital safe, the keys to which will be given to the pioneers.

Given the novelty of the NFT market, this combination of benefits that the CosmoMasks project provides is hard to find in existing projects, so it’s pretty safe to say that CosmoMasks is setting new standards not only in collecting NFTs, but also in investing, and most importantly, in creating a new paradigm in space exploration.

Do you want to become pioneers?

You have a unique opportunity to buy a NFT painting from the limited pre-launch collection right now:

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Sale of the basic collection will start at 4 p.m. (CEST) on March 14:

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